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Sempris Trading Inc.

Sempris Trading Inc was founded by Fabio Folino in 2021, who has been in the aluminum recycling industry operating in various capacities since 2005. Having been raised in an entrepreneurial family of Italian immigrants, Fabio fully understand the challenges that businesses face while also recognizing the possibilities and rewards that can be achieved.

In that vein, we work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to our clients. That includes matching up suppliers with the best possible end-market customers for their materials. While also providing timely payment, logistical excellence and on-time transportation.

The term “Sempris” was derived from the word “Sempre” which means forever, or everlasting. This has a dual and special meanings for our company. As aluminum can be recycled infinitely without losing its properties, it truly is forever. Additionally, Sempris Trading strives to create a legacy by providing opportunities for young executives to learn and grow within our industry for generations to come.

Building long-lasting relationships through transparency and mutually beneficial solutions, Sempris Trading is looking forward to hearing from you on how we can help your aluminum program thrive!

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